Uckfield Community Technology College Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3DJ    tel:01825 764844      Email: office@uctc.org.uk

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Postal Address:
Uckfield Community Technology College

Downsview Crescent
East Sussex TN22 3DJ

Principal: Hugh Hennebry 

Tel: 01825 764844 Fax: 01825 744950


General enquiries

Please email office@uctc.org.uk. It is helpful if you could please indicate on all email communication who it is intended for if known. For example, FAO Head of PE


Hugh Hennebry   h.hennebry@uctc.org.uk

Deputy Principals:

David Burren  uccdburren@uctc.org.uk

Sara Marshallsay uccsmarshallsay@uctc.org.uk 

Andrew Wright: Student Learning; SENDCO uccawright@uctc.org.uk 

Dan Wynne Willson  uccdwynnewillson@uctc.org.uk

Directors Of Year:

Year 7 - Rebecca Turner  uccrturner@uctc.org.uk

Year 8 - Andrew Grant  uccagrant@uctc.org.uk

Year 9 - Tim Cook  ucctcook@uctc.org.uk

Year 10 - Sarah Shipley  uccsshipley@uctc.org.uk

Year 11 - Jasen Couttiguane  uccjcouttiguane@uctc.org.uk



Directors of Sixth Form:

Andrew Bebb  uccabebb@uctc.org.uk

Stephen Simmons  uccssimmons@uctc.org.uk


To contact the governors, please email The Clerk to The Governing Body at UCTC

Chairman of Governors  Heinrich Wasels ucchwasels@uctc.org.uk






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