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End of term arrangements:

End of Term: Friday July 21st at 1.20pm. All students to attend period 1 to 4 and be dismissed at 1.20pm. School buses will be changed so students can get home. Please note that the school canteen will not be open for lunch.

Start of Term 1: Tuesday September 5th
Year 7: Start at 9.20am - please do not arrive earlier than this
Year 8-13 start at 9am
All year groups year 7-13 end at normal school time 3.25pm


Record breaking number of top grades at Uckfield Community College

Students achieved the highest percentage ever of A* and A grades in their A levels at Uckfield Community College. 11.5% of all the grades were A* and 28.1% of the grades were A* or A, making this a record breaking year with the best set of top grades in the history of the college. With Universities demanding very high grades, the competition to achieve is stiffer than ever and these students have risen to that challenge superbly. 50% of the grades were A*-B. Over the last three years the number of students achieving at least ABB or better at Uckfield has risen from 24 in 2014 to 34 in 2015 and this year it was 42, reflecting a substantial and sustained improvement in the Sixth Form.


Principal, Hugh Hennebry said, “All the staff are so very proud of these students. They have been so enthusiastic to learn and so interested and curious about the subjects they have studied. As a result, they have put in a great deal of effort and their results are a reflection of all their hard work. They thoroughly deserve their success and we wish them every happiness for the future. We are also delighted with the way our staff and parents have worked so closely to inspire and support each student and they deserve a special thank you and well done, too.”

There were many outstanding individual results and so many students achieved or surpassed their personal goals.

Lucy McGarry off to study Biomedical Sciences at Southampton, Ed Russell, Louise Brownsey

Louise Brownsey, Chloe McCarthy - to Kent University to study History, Callum Diplock. Olivia Greenwood is off to study Nursing, Bernadette White to Warwick University to read Biomedical Sciences, Alex Lane to Reading University to study Psychology

Ruby Shute off to Bath University to study Biochemistry, Sophie Tupper is heading to Bristol University to study Psychology, Emily Godbold also Bristol University to study English

Rhys Camis to Swansea University to read Chemical Engineering, Tim Jennings-Bramly who is heading off to Southampton Uni to do Aeronautics and Astronautics/Spacecraft Engineering


Uckfield FM results day interview with Hugh Hennebry

Uckfield News report


The following is a list of our top performing students who achieved ABB or equivalent, or above. (Lower case = AS or EPQ).

Alice Baker A A B  b

Toby Baker A* A* A*  b

Tim Bramly A* A* A* A*

Louise Brownsey A* A A

Kieran Busby A* A C  c

Rhys Camis A A A  c

Isabelle Cocklin A B B  ac

Matthew Dingle A B B  bd

Callum Diplock A* A A  ab

Alice Fenton-Jones A* B B  bc

Dominic Ferrari A* B B  cd

Isaac Flower A* A* A A  a*

Jack Foster A* B B  cd

Danielle Fothergill won a place to study Medicine at East Anglia University

Natasha Gibson A* A B

Emily Godbold A* A B a*d

Alice Gordon A A C bc

Olivia Greenwood Dist* Dist C  b d

Toby Harris A* A A  a*aa

Amy Hayward A* B B ac

Carlamarita Hazelgrove A* A* A  a

Emma-Louise Hendricks A B B  a*a

Charlotte Hill A* A* B  a*b

Jess Hubbard A* A* A* C  a*

Rafe Hunt-Stokes A* A* A A

Katrina Izon A A A B

Tom Jepp A B B  bb

Alex Lane A* A A  a*a

Claudia Masham Dist Dist  Bb

Chloe McCarthy A* B B  ab

Lucy McGarry A A B  a*b

Owen Mudford A B B  a*

Katie Roe A A B  ac

Jasmine Ross A B B  a*c

Ruby Shute A* A* A  ab

Jack Simpson A* A* B

Danyelle Smith A* A* B  c

Sophie Tupper A* A C  ab

Duncan Valentine A* B C  bd

Hollie Wager A A B  a*b

David Webb A* A A  a*bd

Bernadette White A* A A  a*c